AS-18B Compressor !!!NEW IMPROVED MODEL!!!
Κωδικός: AS18BΕταιρεία: FENGDA

AS-18B Compressor !!!NEW IMPROVED MODEL!!!
  • AS-18B Compressor !!!NEW IMPROVED MODEL!!!

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As a professional airbrush manufacturer in China, Fenghua Bida Machinery Manufacturer Company has been ISO9001: 2000 certified. Our major products are double action airbrushes, single action airbrushes, sandblasting guns, air pumps and other products. Through a lot of tests, these products are of reliable quality and have been awarded the certificates of CE, ROHS and IAF

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Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
Power: 1/5 HP
Voltage: 220-240V / 50HZ
110-120V, 220V / 60HZ
Air output per min./litres: 23L/min
Auto stop, start at 30 psi, stop at 60 psi (special pressure available)
Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter
Connctions: with connection 1/8'' BSP
Dimension: 245X135X170mm
Electric Cable: 1.9 M
Net weight: 2,7 KG

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